Healing Spaces

Amsterdam Childrens Hospital Murals 6
Details of an inviting mural painted for Amsterdam Childens Hospital.. The doctor's office is through the Frog Door!
Amsterdam Childrens Hospital 2
Huge healing floral elements painted for the Kidney Dialysis Ward of Amsterdam Childrens Hospital
Amsterdam Childrens Hospital Mural 3
These murals created a nurturing atmosphere for the Kidney Dialysis ward at Amsterdam Childrens Hospital... The theme is "The Greatness of the Small"!
Amsterdam Childrens Hospital Mural 7
This fun play-table was integrated into this mural at Amsterdam Childrens Hospital, really engaing kids in the fantasy of the space!
Rainforest Pediatricians Mural 1
Murals of a Peruvian rainforest create an inviting world that makes children want to go to the doctor!
Rainforest pediatrics Mural 912
Incan stones and portraits of the doctors children welcome young patients in this Peruvian themed pediatric waiting room.
Sacred Valley Pediatric Mural 891
This mural of the expansive Sacred Valley of Peru creates a lot of space in this small pediatric waiting room.
Rainforest Pediatrics mural 957
A detail of lush irises and nature from this rainforest mural for a pediatricians waiting room.
Rainforest Pediatricians Mural  936
A playful spider monkey and a toucan look down from the vines of this pediatricians rainforest mural.
Chumash Dental Clinic Mural 670
A landscape of the Santa Ynez valley for the dental clinic at American Indian Health & Services in Santa Barbara.
Chumash Landscape Dental Mural 676
A calming mural of a Chumash Indian landscape across from the treatment chair in a dental clinic.
Chumash Landscape Dental Mural 677
Detail of a Chumash basket, mortar and pestal, and sacred white sage bringing wishes of healing to the dental clinic.
Chumash Landscape Dental Mural 686
Detail of the Santa Ynez valley landscape mural, rolling hills, layers of mountains and gentle clouds to comfort patients.